Piza Associates

Founded in 1980, PIZA ASSOCIATES is a traditional law firm that is distinguished by our personalized service. We are dedicated to providing vigorous and expert representation of each client’s interests.

Since 1980

The firm was founded by Dr. João Roberto Egydio Piza Fontes, former president of the São Paulo Bar Association (OAB / SP) from 1993-1995. Under Dr. Piza’s leadership participation in the bar association expanded dramatically. In addition, PIZA ASSOCIATES has a team of legal professionals with expertise in all major areas of law. Our legal team is dedicated to continually enhancing our expertise by staying on top of current legal developments, and studying the evolution of legal science.

Over the past three decades, the firm has accumulated extensive experience in managing complex litigation, including several cases with national prominence, and has expanded our areas of legal expertise to meet the needs of our clients.

The in-depth and critical study of each case, a commitment to ethics, professionalism and seriousness are, among others, the critical values that guide the professional practice of our lawyers.

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